I can't believe it's been three years since the Yakima City Council approved the installation of the large granite piece of artwork that now sits on North Front Street. It's funny looking back on issues that had the community all fired up at the time. It's been there so long that I'm starting to think those of us that live here don't even notice it anymore. What's funny is I was the lone no vote on the Council at the time due to the fact some property owners didn't want it there. After three years I'm glad the Council approved the art. Every time I have family or friends from out of town visiting I always drive them down to North Front street and they say WOW what a cool piece of art. Like it or not it gives us something to talk about and look at in downtown and from the sounds of it Yakima will be getting a few more pieces of art in the near future. Should be interesting! Do you think Yakima needs more public art?