Here are the 5 things you'll need for the 3 Day Watershed Festival!

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    You've got to make sure you don't forget your blanket when you go to the Gorge! There is a lot of downtime and you will want/need a place to cuddle up when you've had too much fun, and bring a big blanket just in case you make new friends.

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    The Flask

    I'm not suggesting that you take your flask into the venue, but for the pre-funk outside it's all you buddy. Alcohol is expensive and why not save a little cash by preparing for the party. Especially if you are going to camp out during the three day festival. Heck, you could just put water in it to stay hydrated!

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    I don't how many times I've forgotten sunscreen and paid the price. Unless you want to look like a lobster after 3 days of fun in the sun then you better bring the goods. I personally like tanning oil, it smells better and looks better than sunscreen. Buy extra and then charge people who ask you "Do you have any sunscreen?"

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    Lawn chair

    Unless you want to sit on the ground or stand the whole time you will want a lawn chair. Make sure you bring the right kind of lawn chair (I didn't know there was such a thing), I had trouble getting in a camping chair last year and even my smooth talking abilities got me a walk back to the car to drop it off. The chair has to be a short lawn chair so people can see over you. I know right!

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    Make sure you spring for shades, even it they are the cheap sunglasses you bought at the gas station on you way into town. Then you won't have to squint when you talk with you friends.

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    Bonus Item: The Camera

    How many times have you forget your camera. You've got to document all your shenanigans and you will want to be the one with the camera. If it's you camera you won't have to worry about ending up on Facebook unexpectedly. Lol