A NASA scientist named Mark Rober did a study on drivers and roadkill, and found that 6% of drivers actually TRY to hit animals.

Mark took realistic-looking rubber animals like snakes, turtles, and tarantulas, and put them on the shoulder of a road, out of the way of traffic.

Then he monitored the road until 1,000 drivers had gone past.  940 drivers . . . or 94% . . . stayed in their lane and passed the animals.

But 60 drivers actually swerved ONTO the shoulder, so they could RUN OVER the animal.  SIXTY.  That's SIX PERCENT of all drivers.

Mark said drivers were most likely to go out of their way to hit the rubber tarantula . . . but nearly 3% went after the turtle and the snake too.

Mark also put an object like a leaf on the shoulder near the fake animal . . . to use as a control.  And the drivers that went after the animals ignored the control objects.