Last night was the Naches Valley High School Band Spring Concert or as the band teacher Mr. Freisz calls it, "a celebration." It's a celebration of everything the kids have accomplished over the year, saying goodbye to the seniors and welcoming the incoming freshmen. It never disappoints me and those kids are fantastic! They played 2 pieces that almost had me in tears, "Dusk" from Steven Bryant and "Trail of Tears" from James Barnes.

When most schools are cutting or have had to cut their music program Naches has retained theirs and a wonderful band teacher, Mr. Freisz. My son, Mathew who is a freshman, admires Mr. Freisz, which is a huge compliment to Mr. Freisz because my son doesn't admire many people. My son is not the only one. The seniors are always allowed to tell their favorite band story and you can hear the closeness they have with Mr. Freisz in the stories. They are like a little family. Well ... maybe a big family.

Thank you to Mr. Freisz, The Naches Valley Music Booster parents, the Naches Valley School District and the wonderful kids for a great evening!