Remember the crazy lady who went nuts last week over her order at Dunkin' Donuts? She recorded it and posted it online, and it totally backfired. Well, we've got another idiot for you.

This guy didn't use as much profanity, and he didn't record his own rant . . . the person behind him in the drive-thru did. And he doesn't seem as crazy. He's just really flipping out.

His name is Taylor Chapman, but we're not sure where this went down. Apparently they accidentally put cheese on his double-hamburger, but left off the toppings he wanted. In other words, they probably just gave him the wrong burger.

But since the order was wrong, he wanted his money back. So he stopped his car, got out, left the door open, and walked back to the drive-thru window on foot to scream about it. He also says it happened a couple times before.