Taylor Santos is a sophomore at Springtown High School in Springtown, Texas.  Last week, she was caught letting another student cheat off her.  So the school gave her an option:  A two-day suspension . . . or a PADDLING.

Both Taylor AND HER MOTHER chose paddling.  So the vice principal paddled her.

But now Taylor's family is upset.  NOT over the paddling . . . but over the fact that the vice principal was MALE, and school policy is that females paddle females.  Taylor is covered in bruises, but the outrage here is that a MAN caused them.

So how did the school board react?  NOT by firing the vice principal.  And NOT by banning corporal punishment and paddlings in general.  No, their response is . . . we should get rid of that same-sex policy so men CAN paddle female students.

Taylor and her mother plan to go to the school board meeting to fight that potential policy change.  I NEVER say this . . . but wouldn't it just be easier to file a lawsuit?