If you have ANY fear of snakes, I've got a story that's going to HAUNT YOUR DREAMS.

It happened earlier this month, but just made the news. On May 11th, a guy named Jason Leon noticed a Burmese PYTHON in some bushes in a rural part of Miami-Dade County. And for some reason he decided to PULL it out of the bushes.

And he pulled, and pulled, and pulled.

By the time he was done, he'd pulled out all EIGHTEEN FEET and EIGHT INCHES of the python. Then he lost control, and the python WRAPPED itself around him. Somehow, Jason got his hand free, grabbed his knife, and killed the snake.

This is THE largest Burmese python in Florida history. The previous record was a 17-foot, seven-inch python in the Everglades last year. That python outweighed this one, though . . . 164 pounds to 128.