There's a chance that when you were a kid, your parents washed your mouth out with soap for cursing.  There is NO chance that happened to you once you became an adult.  But it actually happened to this woman.

On Tuesday, 20-year-old Stephanie Madewell, her boyfriend, 26-year-old John Vincent Caruso, and their two children were at their home in Land O'Lakes, Florida.  And Stephanie was swearing.

John was upset, and told her if she kept cursing so loud he'd wash her mouth out with soap.  But she ignored him and kept going.

So he grabbed a bottle of Dawn liquid dishwashing detergent, went up behind her, jammed the bottle in her mouth, and squirted it.

She called the cops, and they found a cut on her lip and dried up dish soap on her cheek, chin, and running down her neck into her shirt.  John was arrested for domestic battery.

The cops say John told them his parents used to wash his mouth out with soap as a kid, so even though he's 26, quote, "he will still put soap in his mouth out of respect for his parents."

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