I'm guessing this 12-year-old girl in Houston, Texas won't be posting stupid photos anymore.

Last week, ReShonda Tate Billingsley caught her 12-year-old daughter posting a photo on Instagram where she was holding a bottle of VODKA.  The caption said, quote, "I sure wish I could drink this."

So ReShonda came up with a BRILLIANT punishment that she KNEW would stick.

She made her daughter take a photo holding a sign, and posted THAT to Instagram.

The sign says, quote, "Since I want to post photos of me holding liquor, I am obviously not ready for social media and will be taking a hiatus until I learn what I should and should not post.  Bye-bye."

The daughter doesn't have a Facebook page yet, so ReShonda made it HER Facebook profile photo.  And she says her daughter was so "devastated" that, quote, "she actually asked for a spanking instead.  She begged for a spanking."