Nobody likes the rules they post at public pools . . . no diving, no running. But what about this? A woman in England named Imajica Gilroy was recently at a public pool with her 9-month-old son Riley.

She was sitting in the hot tub with him, when he started to get fussy . . . possibly because he was a 9-month-old sitting in a hundred-degree hot tub.  Anyway, Imajica decided he was hungry, popped out one of her breasts, and let him latch on.

A lifeguard took notice and informed Imajica that breastfeeding her son was violating the pool's "NO FOOD OR DRINK" policy. He said the rule applies to everyone at the pool, regardless of how old they are.

Well, Imajica wasn't having it, and informed him that it's against the law in England to prevent a woman from breastfeeding in public . . . which is true.

Eventually, the lifeguard decided to drop it. And after Imajica posted a complaint on the pool's website, they issued an apology. But apparently she wasn't satisfied, because she's planning a "nurse-in" protest to mark National Breastfeeding Week next month.

The pool's general manager released a statement saying they DO support a woman's right to breastfeed in public . . . just not while they're IN the pool or the hot tub.