As every parent knows, it’s tough to get little kids to behave in a restaurant.   Loud talking, restlessness and the occasional food play, become something less adorable and more annoying when strangers are watching.

A higher end Italian Restaurant in Paulsbo, WA called Sogno di Vino recently served a family whose kids were so well-behaved, their server complimented mom and dad by giving them a $4 discount for "well behaved kids"

The family was a husband, wife and three kids ranging in age from 2 to 8.

Rob and Angela Scott are the owners of Sogno di Vino, we got a hold of Robb this morning and asked him about the discount.   He said that this was the first time they've ever given this discount.  He said "These kids were so well mannered, they said 'Please' and 'Thank you' when they ordered... they were just awesome kids".

Sogno di Vino is located at 18830 Front St. NE in Poulsbo, WA

Listen to the Morning Bull-Pen's entire interview with Rob here: