In Menifee, California, 36-year-old Lisa Smith has spent the last 16 years taking care of her 61-year-old mother Linda, after a drunk driver crashed into Linda and caused her brain damage.

Lisa had to quit her modeling job to help her mom, and they've been living off disability, Lisa's part-time job, and government funding for full-time caregivers.

But Linda was just certified to live alone, so there's no more caregiver money . . . and Lisa can move out.  And THAT means that after 16 years, Lisa is trying to get back into the workforce . . . and she's having a hell of a time.  So Linda is now helping HER out.

Linda has been STANDING ON THE STREET, holding up a handwritten sign offering $500 cash to anyone who gives her daughter a full-time job.  Lisa is hoping for an office job that pays at least $15 per hour.