Everyone knows that one person who's PSYCHOTIC about protecting the seats in their car . . . the car that's probably out of their price range, because they think they're too good for a Toyota with cloth seats.

38-year-old Susan Marie McCarty of Edina, Minnesota is one of those fanatics.

On August 23rd, she was with her 11-year-old nephew at an amusement park.  He'd gone on a water ride right before they left, and was still dripping with water.  And she was NOT about to let him sit on the leather seats in her Lexus.

So she had him GET IN THE TRUNK.  The temperatures were in the mid 80s, and he got hot in there . . . so she had his sister fold down the small back seat console and pointed the air vents at it.

Witnesses saw him get in the trunk at the park, and called the police.  They ended up tracking down Susan this week . . . and she was arrested for CHILD ENDANGERMENT.  She could get up to a year in prison.