Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, you have more sunshine and longer days. The grass starts to turn green and flowers and trees blossom. The only downside is allergies.

I've been taking zyrtec for most of my allergy symptoms, but that wasn't solving the problem of my dry itchy eyes. After consulting with my doctor he determined that some special eye drops would help.

After I got my prescription into the pharmacy they were worried they might not have the eye drops in stock because they give out a lot of these this time of year. Turns out they had 1 left and I got it. I also got the bill for it as well. This tiny little bottle of eye drops costs me $143. My insurance saved me $19 dollars. Who the heck can afford $143 dollar eye drops?


The bottle is very small and I hope it works. As I was looking at allergy medications and they seem more expensive pain relief medication. Allergies or not I hope you enjoy a great spring.