This weekend Chesterly Park will be taken over by the 10th Anniversary of Yak Attack! It's a 5 on 5 soccer tournament with music that is a fund raising event for Yakima Youth Soccer Association. This event brings in teams from Oregon and all over Washington State.

My 14 year old son, Benjamin will be in this tournament with his team The Vipers. Benjamin didn't get to play last year because he fractured his back, but he did go to support his team.

Now ... I'll admit that I'm not soccer savy, so I had to ask my son what 5 on 5 was? It's also called small sided soccer, which is used in practice a lot to teach and better understand the quick game situations. Small sided soccer means more touches on the ball which means better ball handlers and quick game responses.

The tournament includes more off the field events then any other tournament. The teams design and make their uniforms and the wackier the better!!

This tournament is my son's favorite soccer tournament and it's not hard to see why. Soccer, music, wacky uniforms and fun off field events!