Hot dresses and a crazy bartender bring alive the latest song by Lady Antebellum. Relationship issues are common and some people have a harder time getting over their exes than others. "Bartender" by Lady A should help keep things in perspective.

The video features the bartender vs. the woman in a boxing match-like atmosphere complete with ring cards.

I will admit that I did a double take when the bartender in the video started licking a bottle of alcohol, and he wasn't done there. He puts on one heck of a show for the ladies at the bar and appears to have the upper hand until they turn the tables and put him in his place.

I thought I recongzied this guy, he's Byron "Buster" Bluth the socially awkward younger brother of Michael Bluth and is a main character of Arrested Development.


There's nothing worse than a creepy bartender who blatantly hits on every woman in the bar, or stares at her with creepy eyes. Classy flirting and a smile is just fine and it probably would have worked better for this particular bartender in the video.