We are going to take a look at some of the people who have been making Yakima's night life that much better. We are going to turn the tables so to speak and get to know the Bartender. Our first guest is Ryan 'Red' Smith from the G-Spot bar in Yakima.

Name: Ryan 'Red' Smith
Number of Years Bar tending: 11 years
Favorite Personal Drink: Manhattan with Good Bourbon
Favorite Drink to Make: "I like it when someone points me in a direction and I can create them a new drink."
Hardest part about the job: "It's physically pretty easy, but it is very mentally taxing." Red joked that "You almost need three degrees to do this job."
Favorite Song: Cloud Connected by In flames

You can find Ryan at the G-Spot Bar at 1013 N. 1st street. He can be found in the evening Wednesday thru Saturday. If you stop by tell him that we sent you. Stay tuned for more in this ongoing series here at 929thebull.com called Bartenders. If you have a suggestion of a cool Bartender that we need to interview, please send it to Cefus@929thebull.com