Rik and Michele asked me on the air when I go into Starbucks if they write a note or something cute on my cup every time. I would say that most of the time I get a cute note or something fun, but that's also because I go to the same Starbucks all the time and they know me.

After this short discussion Rik and Michele sent me to Starbucks to test out the theory. The catch was I couldn't go to my regular Starbucks and I couldn't say who I was or what we were doing.

After I ordered and received my drink and hit the jackpot of notes. This is the most interesting note I think I've ever seen on a Starbucks cup. Here's what it said.

The cup said Can I wake up to you for the rest of my life? For forever & a day!

We were all laughing about it! What's the best note you've received on a cup?

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