And now the continuing saga of "As The Stomach Turns"! Would someone pull the plug on this!!

Brad And Emily Break Up, Say What! After some friends watched all three hours of the final Bachelor told me that Brad Womack who famously broke the sacred covenant by not offering Bachelor of false-to-person, finally by placed an engagement ring on the finger of Emily Sweet widow, it had a fairytale ending, ah. It was watched by 13.8 million people, still the lowest rated finals in three years Bachelor but, enough to win its time slot.

Here is where the things go south,  if you would have noticed something was odd in the third hour. After the Final Rose Of Emily was very open about the fact that the proposal of Brad had been rejected! (lower lip quiver), as well as his offer to move her and her daughter in Austin ( scooby doo Huh!). Poor Emily was probably looking of a distraction, and now is doomed to be on the wrong side of the star of reality show A list and reality shows spin offs. Is it the truth or just gossip?! Only your Hairdresser knows for sure.