Here are your BULL-ywood News Headlines for Wednesday December 5th 2012


-On the "Today" show yesterday, MATT DAMON was asked to help a viewer who wrote in that he was distressed because his girlfriend, quote, "tosses salad with her hands without washing them and tastes everything with her fingers."  He replied, quote, "That's not what they taught me about tossing salad." has released its annual list of the Most Overpaid Actors in Hollywood . . . and this year's winner (slash) loser is EDDIE MURPHY.  He's followed by KATHERINE HEIGL, who wasn't on the list last year.  REESE WITHERSPOON is third.  She was fourth last year.

-Former "Malcolm in the Middle" star FRANKIE MUNIZ ended up in the hospital this past Friday, after suffering a MINI-STROKE.  Yesterday he Tweeted, quote, "I was in the hospital last Friday.  I suffered a 'Mini Stroke,' which was not fun at all.  Have to start taking care of my body!  Getting old!"  Today is actually Frankie's birthday.  He's an ancient 27.

-ANDERSON COOPER went blind for 36 hours last week, while on assignment in Portugal.  He was out on the ocean in a boat for 36 hours, and the UV rays bouncing off the water SUNBURNED HIS EYEBALLS.

-A Chargers fan who was trash-talking with NICK LACHEY during the Chargers / Bengals game on Sunday claims Nick shoved him to the ground and cursed at his wife.  But other witnesses say Nick did neither . . . and the FAN was the aggressor.  But Nick left willingly with security to avoid a scene.

-SNOOKI has decided to give KATE MIDDLETON some parenting advice.  She says, quote, "It's hard, but don't stress out.  Enjoy your pregnancy and be excited.  Enjoy your time at home, or the castle, in her case, with the baby.  Especially the first few months.  You'll get to know him or her, keep them safe and fall more in love each day."

-MATT DAMON has been cast in the upcoming movie "Monuments Men", which is being directed by GEORGE CLOONEY.  It's a period drama set in Germany toward the end of World War Two.

-TAYLOR SWIFT and HARRY STYLES partied together after ONE DIRECTION'S concert Monday night in New York.  A few hours later, around 4:00 A.M., they were photographed holding hands and walking into his hotel.

-CLINT BLACK'S father took his own life on Sunday . . . so Clint has canceled his show this Saturday in Jay, Florida.  In a statement, Clint said the family is "devastated" . . . and they "respectfully ask for privacy to process what's transpired."