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Is There Such Thing As Being Too Big A Seahawks Fan?
First off, full disclosure, for those who don't know I'm a Los Angeles Rams fan and have been since I was 5. That said I've never been more impressed with a fan base than I have with the Seahawks fans here in Yakima. In fact I'll bet per capita there are more Seahawks fans here t…
Top 5 Things To Do In Yakima WITH KIDS
Here it's finally the weekend and you want to just linger around the house and relax, however your kids are running around the house screaming, yelling, watching videos on Youtube, making a big mess in the living room and/or saying things like "Mommy, I'm bored...
2015 Yakima Sunfair Parade Info Guide
This Saturday marks the 54th annual Sunfair parade, coordinated by the Yakima Sunfair Festival Association, in conjunction with the opening weekend of the Central Washington State Fair.
Here's a handy info guide to, hopefully, answer some of your questions!
Yakima’s Randall Park To Get $1 Million Facelift
Yakima's Randall Park, spread over 40 acres south of Nob Hill Boulevard between
44th and 48th avenues, now has more than $1 million available to fund major improvements. A $500,000 state grant, combined with more than $600,000 in local donations and matching funds, will help address several…
Yakima’s Biggest _________?
Here at "The BIG Show" on KATS we are getting geared up for Yakima's BIGGEST Yard Sale on May 9 at J.M. Perry Tech.
With that, we wondered: What are some of Yakima's other "biggest" things?

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