Who Is Yakima’s Sexiest Male Bartender? [VOTE]
How 'bout another round?
Last year's Yakima's Sexiest Male Bartender contest was so much fun, that we've decided to make it an annual event.
So here we go for 2016 -- the program's pretty simple:
Nominate the sexiest Yakima Valley male bartender you know, using the form be…
Penny for Your Thoughts? How About $100 Instead?
OK, so maybe you could win hundreds of millions of dollars playing Powerball -- but seriously, what are your odds of winning?
Here's a better alternative: Take a few minutes to fill out a survey that'll help us make The Bull a better radio station, and you'll be in the running for thre…
Win a Piece of the Powerball!
With the Powerball jackpot estimated at $1.5 billion, by Wednesday night (Jan. 13), somebody could be a billionaire this week.
Or ... a bunch of us could be millionaires!
So here's what the Morning Bull Pen has in mind: We're buying one Powerball ticket -- and if it wins, we're splittin…

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