Couples Court

Couples Court Case No. 090215: To Reward or Not?
Couples Court case No. 090215 involves a husband and wife at odds over how to parent their 11-year-old son. To use rewards as motivation or not? Here's the case before Judge Mathews in today's Couples Court.
Couples Court: Why Won’t She Commit?
Couples Court No. 082015:
Here's what we are dealing with, people. I’ve been on a few dates with a girl I really like. In the last three weeks we’ve been on seven dates in fact. She told me she likes me, but she’s adamant about not being exclusive. Her birthday’s in a couple days, and I don’t know if…
Couples Court: Should You Lie To Your Girlfriend?
Couples Court Case #080615: She's been lying to her girlfriend, and it's improved their lives and relationship. Her girlfriend is late for everything. So about six weeks ago she started telling her girlfriend things started 30 minutes earlier than they actually did just to make sure that s…
Couple’s Court: Facebook Etiquette During Marital Problems
Couples Court Case #072315
Husband vs. wife in the case of social media etiquette during a difficult time in the relationship.
The wife complains that her husband, who is close to filing for divorce, is acting out on Facebook by posting things about how non-married people are always happy. The wife co…
You Be the Jury in the Morning Bull Pen’s Couples Court
Court is now in session in the Morning Bull Pen.
From now on, the Hon. Judge Michele Mathews will preside every Thursday over a disagreement between couples experiencing domestic problems. (It's almost like free marital counseling.)
Prosecutor Rik Mikals will lay out the facts in each case and pr…