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Dr. Strange Takes Marvel Movies To The Next Level – Rik’s Review
I was never the biggest Dr. Strange growing up and I always liked him better in a group setting in such books as The Defenders. I knew his origin and had a few issues but was never fascinated by the character until Benedict Cumberbatch was cast as Dr. Stephen Strange. I loved Cumberbatch in The Imit…
Halloween Is Here — Do You Believe In Ghosts? [POLL]
Halloween is only a couple of days away. Everyone wants to tell a good ghost story or at least hear one. Me? I am kind of in the middle about this. Not sure one way or the other. Although, I do not believe ghosts -- if there is such a thing -- are mean. They are dead, for crying out loud.
Seahawks Cart Is The Coolest & Rare
Every where I turn there is something that screams 'Sea-Hawks!' If it is a car or a truck or even houses between Tri-Cities & Yakima, Seahawks are all around. In fact, I might have to argue that the Seahawks have better fans than the voted number one fans in the country, The Green Bay Packers. I…

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