10 Halloween Movies for People Who Hate Scary Movies
It’s easy to find Halloween movies. A cursory Google-search yields a slew of time-honored terror, vetted by thousands of critics and fans. But for those weak-stomached folks who avoid horror flicks at all costs, this bounty of murder porn, slasher flicks, and Romero rip-offs are highway to ba…
What Will We Be for Halloween? Take Your Best Guess!
Guess our Halloween costumes and WIN something cool that will be determined soon. All you have to do is be the first person to comment on Facebook with the correct costumes.
Rik, Michele and I were discussing what we could give away this morning in this contest, and we know for sure we can hook you u…
What Scares You The Most Around The Halloween Season? [POLL]
Halloween is almost here. It is just weeks away and next to Veterans Day, Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love going to haunted houses and haunted buildings during this time. Terror on the Ave is my favorite. What are the things that scare you the most during the Halloween season?

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