The Year I Couldn’t Find The Hidden Easter Eggs
Easter is almost here and as my family are embarking on our Easter festivities, I'd love to wish you and your family a great holiday as well.
I do have a favorite Easter story from many years ago and hopefully you'll enjoy it as much I enjoy telling it.
Help Rik and Michele With Their New Year’s Resolutions!
When New Year's rings in it brings with it resolutions. Some of us make them and some of us don't.
I thought instead of making a New Year's resolution for myself that it would be a little fun to have you make a New Year's resolution for me. Heck ... let's throw Rik into the m…
A Teal Pumpkin On Your Porch Could Save A Life In Yakima
Halloween is coming quickly and I've recently become aware of a special project that will result in all kids enjoying Halloween safely.
I was unaware that kids with food allergies are usually shut out of treats due to the peanuts, nuts and sugars that go into most Halloween candy.
The good news is tha…
The Leftover Turkey Trot Is Truckin’ Your Way For a Cause
Gobble down as much food as you like on Thanksgiving, because now you can work off all of those calories -- and for a good cause, too! It's The Leftover Turkey Trot in support of the Yakima Greenway. The event takes place at 10 a.m. on Nov. 28 this year at Sarg Hubbard Park.

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