They’re Back a Little Early, But I’m Not Complaining [PHOTO]
Hmmm February 27th and Easter is already in stores. Not a big surprise here in the good ole USA, and I'm not complaining that I'm able to stock up on fresh peeps (which are my favorite easter candy in case you were wondering.) But don't you think it's too soon for Easter?
What Does it Means if He Gives You Diamonds for Valentine’s Day?
I love reading MSN articles about relationships and life. Most of their online pieces come from Redbook or Glamour and they can help us guys do a better job on special days like birthday's, anniversary's or holiday's.
All your significant other wants is for you to put some thought into her and what …
Turkey Bowling at Grocery Outlet, All For a Good Cause
The 9th annual Celebrity Turkey Bowling took place this morning at the Grocery Outlet in Union Gap. Turkey Bowling is a fun way to help out some of our finest local charities. Each bowler gets 10 chances to get a strike, the only catch is instead of using a bowling ball you use a frozen turkey. 92.9…

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