Morning Bull-Pen

Tri Cities Soon To Have A Direct Flight To L.A.
Being from the valley it is not hard to figure out that there is no easy way to travel direct. Choices up until now you either fly out of Yakima to Seattle and connect from there, or Fly out of Pasco and again connect in Seattle. Well I am excited to tell you that you will soon have a direct flight …
STOP Hitting That Snooze Button!
If you are not a morning person or you absolutely love your sleep, then you are probably a fan of your snooze button. I am right there with you, I am known for hitting that button more times than once some mornings! Here, are 4 tips for getting out of bed...
Let’s Talk Midland for a Minute
The band Midland is paving their own way on the country music scene in more ways then one ... but can we please for the love of all that is good talk about what these guys are wearing?
Come Help Us Carve Out Hunger!
Ready for a night of eventful, local competition for a good cause? Yakima's media outlets are coming together in a face-off to carve out hunger -- come witness this once-a-year event!

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