Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day Card Tells It Like It Is
This year Jackson, 12, and Shaylee, 11, gave me a Mother's Day card that has blanks where they could fill in personal messages.
Shaylee is the red ink and Jackson is the blue. Check out Jackson's answers ... I don't know where the kid gets his sense of humor. LOL!
That Mother’s Day Song That I’ll Always Remember [VIDEO]
My first radio station job was in the summer of '88 and I was working at a small FM country music station in my hometown of Clarkston, Washington. Radio Broadcasting was so different back in those days, it was before compact discs and computers,so we played music off vinyl records called 45's.
I reme…
Spring Faire Event To Benefit Yakima Foster Children
Take Mom to a fantastic event this Sunday and your admission will help Yakima foster children. It's the Mother's Day Spring Faire at Cascade Garden.
Your mom will enjoy live music, local artisans, gourmet food, wine and mimosas -- and the best part: Your admission is by donation.