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Why Tri-Cities On Tap Is a Better Beer Festival: NO SCRIPT
Most beer events involve the time-consuming task of going to a booth, getting in line, purchasing script, so you can then get in line, get a beer, then get back in line for script.
Well not at Tri-Cities on Tap presented by Alvarez Auto Sales.  Pay your entry price and sample away, all session l…
Glenn Frey Has Passed Away At The Age Of 67
According to TMZ reports Glenn Frey, who was one of the founding members of the Eagles, had been suffering from intestinal issues which he had surgery for last November. Over the last several days though his condition took a turn for the worse...
2016 UnTapped Music Festival Dates Announced
UnTapped Music Festival (formerly UnTapped Blues & Brews Festival) is shifting weekends in 2016 to stay next to the Sun Banks Festival. That means in 2016 UnTapped will be May 13 at Clover Island Inn and May 14 at the Benton Franklin Fairgrounds.
Blackface + Jason Aldean = Jason Al-DON’T!
Let me tell everybody something. Blackface is just wrong. And Jason Aldean, you should know better since you are friends with Beyonce!
The wearing of blackface originated as a symbolism of mocking and degrading people with brown or black skin...
Chris Cagle Announces Retirement From Country Music [VIDEO]
Chris Cagle has just tweeted that after 15 years, he's retiring from country music and performing on the road. Cagle hit the country scene in 2000 and shot to the top of the charts with his first big single, "My Love Goes On and On". He will be sadly missed in these days of ever-changing m…

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