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Townsquare Media Yakima Mannequin Challenge [VIDEO]
We did the Mannequin Challenge. Some of us blinked, some of us didn't. Some of us behaved, some of us didn't. Some of us were in the video, some of us weren't (but we tried)!
Enjoy some of our on-air staff, front desk and sales crew, plus there was a certain little girl who video-bombe…
Donald Trump Is President – Are You Glad? [POLL]
I am very proud to be a United States Citizen. I am not always happy about who runs for our Commander and Chief but, I do respect the seat. We have entrusted people in our government to help us make these decisions. Donald Trump is now our President Of The United States Of America. That is that.
Singer John Legend Wants A New National Anthem – WTH?
First, San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick infuriated much of the country by refusing to stand during the national anthem at least weekend's game against the Green Bay Levi's Stadium.
Kaepernick vowed not to stand until he's convinced the country is serio…
Should Playmate Do Time For Body Shaming? [POLL]
The story is all over the news lately: Just when you think things couldn't get meaner in America, Playmate Dani Mathers has posted a snapshot of a woman getting out of the shower at a health club and body shamed her on Snapchat. The picture went viral as Dani added the comment “If I …
Our Tribute To The Fallen Officers In Dallas [VIDEO]
The shootings in Dallas last night leave a constant reminder that hate and violence are still rampant in our country. It is sad to see a peaceful protest become a vehicle in which terror rains down on innocent people. We sadly lost five police officers last night and lives were crushed and chained. …

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