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How’s That Mt. Saint Helens Ash Investment Holding Up?
I was ten years old when Mount Saint Helens exploded. It was May 18th, 1980 and a perfectly blue sky became darkened by ash and soot within hours. My family was on a fishing trip in Idaho and we turned around and headed home for safety.
Adults and kids scooped up as much of the ash possible as sentim…
Looks Like I’m On The Job Endangered List
I love being a radio broadcaster and I've been fortunate to have been able to make this my career for close to 30 years.
I got started in 1988 in my hometown of Clarkston, Washington playing 45's and 33's in the middle of the night on the Country radio station on the weekends and I became hooked. I d…
Who Is the Next Famous Chuck To Die?
There is a belief that celebrities always die in groups of three. There is some evidence that points to that, and then there's logic that refutes it.
I'm not sure if I believe it is preordained or destiny but if I were a famous dude named Chuck right now, I'd be a little bit nervous.

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