What’s The Most Recent Photo On Your Phone?
How can someone take 6,000 selfies while on a four-day vacation? Well ... if you're Kim Kardashian you can.
That made me look back at the pictures in my own phone to see when I took a photo last -- let alone a selfie.
I snapped this picture the other day of my son's bed with three of ou…
Naches Celebrates 67th Annual Sportsman’s Days [PHOTOS]
Sportsman's Days rocked in Naches this weekend!
Under bright sunny skies, the whole town (along with lots of its neighbors) turned out for the 67th annual celebration.
The fun included Saturday's parade, a car show, a carnival, a live stage for back-to-back-to-back acts and Sunday's fis…
Car Show Added Shine to Sportsman’s Days [PHOTOS]
The food, the rides, the floats, the bands -- community festivals like Naches' Sportsman's Days are the best.
But for me, it's tough to beat drooling over some classic Detroit steel. And this year's Sportsman's Days car show did not disappoint ...
Country Stars With September Birthdays
While September is known as the month of backpacks, sharpened pencils, early alarm clocks and kids across the United States returning to school, it's also a month in which many, many country stars celebrate with cake -- because it's their birth month!
Accessible Art In Yakima
Not everyone is an art connoisseur. While I enjoy art and did visit the Picasso Museum and The Louvre when my wife and I went on vacation to Paris back in 2000 it's not something I typically do. Not because I don't enjoy it, it's just that I have other things on my agenda...
Downtown Yakima Revitalization Starts Here
If you look around the country at the healthiest, most vibrant cities, one thing they have in common is a bustling downtown core. Portland is a great example of a city that invested in its downtown ... albeit in keeping with their slogan "Keep Portland Weird" they did it in an unus…

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