Should Playmate Do Time For Body Shaming? [POLL]
The story is all over the news lately: Just when you think things couldn't get meaner in America, Playmate Dani Mathers has posted a snapshot of a woman getting out of the shower at a health club and body shamed her on Snapchat. The picture went viral as Dani added the comment “If I …
What’d You Think of Sam Hunt’s CMT Outfit? [POLL]
Sam Hunt has a sound and style all his own!
Rik was talking smack about what Sam was wearing at the CMT awards last night, saying how he was dressed to go golfing in the 1950s.
Yes ... I gave Rik a verbal beating for criticizing Sam's clothes when he himself wears socks with his sandals...
Is Country Losing Its Identity? [POLL]
When you think of the CMT Awards do you think of Pitbull, 5th Harmony and Elle King?
Yeah ... me either. And as much as I love all types of music and the mixing of music genres I was sitting there thinking ... what the? Pitbull? At the Country Music Television Awards...
If Yakima Had A Mascot, What Should It Be? [POLL]
Apparently, the in thing to do nowadays is have a city mascot -- Longview just adopted the squirrel to represent them.
So what about getting a mascot for Yakima?
I think marijuana should be Yakima's city flower/plant and the mascot should be a coyote! I see more of them than any other a…
Does Yakima Valley Like To Drink Beer Or Wine? [POLL]
Holy moly! There is so much coming up this summer that has to do with hops and grapes. The Untapped Brews and Blues festival in Tri-Cities, Bike Nights in Yakima, Wine Divas, who do stuff in Tri-Cities and In Yakima, and a ton more. There are usually a ton of drinks to choose from, but wha…

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