Random Acts of Bullness

Yakima Celebrates National Vanilla Cupcake Day [VIDEO]
I know, I know -- suddenly everybody's thinking of Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas shopping. But let's not forget another important holiday that comes around this time of year.
Yep: National Vanilla Cupcake Day, which falls on Nov. 10 this year...
Random Acts of … Blondness [VIDEO]
With Random Acts of Bullness, we spread a little love around the Yakima Valley. It could be someone who needs recognition for going above and beyond. It could be a family who can't afford to buy those tickets but really needs a getaway.
Our Cups Runneth Over After a Reverse Random Act of Bullness
From time to time, the Morning Bull Pen likes surprising folks around the valley with what we call Random Acts of Bullness -- such as giving rodeo tickets to kids or passing out free coffee at espresso stands.
We never figured on it happening the other way around, though.

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