Salad Days: Watermelon Salad is Back on the Menu in Yakima
Watermelon salad is back, but I've only found two restaurants in Yakima that serve the sweet and tangy summer dish: Gasperetti's on North First Street and Creekside West at 40th and Washington offer very different takes on my favorite fruit in salad, watermelon.
Antojitos Mexicanos — Food Review
Antojitos Camarones Mojo De Ajo is one of my favorite Mexican dishes, but it's got to be from Antojitos Mexicanos, 36th and Summitview avenues.
The crispy shrimp smothered in mayonnaise and garlic with a touch of white wine equals some of the best shrimp you will ever taste...
A Peach of Treat … For Two More Weeks
One of the great things about living in the Yakima Valley is the fresh fruit it produces each year. At the moment, we're in the midst of peach season, which gives you about two more weeks to get your hands on the treat that's taking the town by storm: the peach creme brulee from Zesta Cuci…
Rik Visits Pasta Pronto (VIDEO)
I checked out a great restaurant near 72nd and Tieton Drive called Pasta Pronto. It's our Rik and Michele deal of the week and so I had to sample this food myself.
Make Your Own ‘Mirandarita’ [RECIPE]
Miranda Lambert has been looking mighty fine lately with her new workout and diet, and she's been doing it while still having fun. Her workout routine is pretty intense, but we want to share with you her low-cal drink of choice called the 'Mirnadarita.'
What Does Gluten-Free Even Mean, Anyway?
I have a friend who is gluten-free, and I have no idea what that even means for her, other than she cannot eat my delicious slice of pizza because there's wheat in it (or something).
Well, Jimmy Kimmel busted several gluten-free would-be types on his show the other day, asking them what in the w…
Ever Wonder How to Make a Crepe? [VIDEO]
Do you ever like to treat yourself every once in a while? I do espeically when I'm out of town and couldn't get the treat in Yakima if I wanted to.
I've always been a fan of crepes, I usually eat them with some sort of fruit and whip cream for breakfast. They mix things up a little and offer a diffe…

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