Ashley Monroe, ‘Like a Rose’ – Song Review
The sanguine melody of Ashley Monroe's new bluegrass-tinged song 'Like a Rose' runs counter to the sad (at first) story the singer tells. This conflict makes her new recording one you may find on repeat for reasons you can't quite explain. It's beautiful in a tragic way.
Dustin Lynch, ‘She Cranks My Tractor’ – Song Review
The title of Dustin Lynch's new single 'She Cranks My Tractor' will make the country boys snicker, but in case someone doesn't quite get the joke, the song doubles back with line after line of gratuitous innuendo. It's a rowdy good time, one that ends just before the si…
Toby Keith, ‘Hope on the Rocks’ – Song Review
The title track to Toby Keith's 'Hope on the Rocks' album shows the singer's genuine understanding of the nuanced relationships between bartenders and their regulars. But it's not just barkeeps that will relate to the ballad. Servers, liquor store clerks, the dry c…
Sarah Darling, ‘Home to Me’ – Song Review
Sarah Darling's new single, 'Home to Me,' is a sweet southern love song that just might break an artist who's been working for a break since releasing 'Jack of Hearts' in 2009. The lyric has a girl-next-door feel, which is a good fit for the 30-year-old Darling.
Toby Keith, ‘Hope on the Rocks’ – Album Review
Toby Keith's new album 'Hope on the Rocks' is a loud and sudsy collection of songs about beer, barrooms, heartbreak... and beer. Much like a Saturday night out at your favorite watering hole, it's rowdy and fun, but difficult to remember the next morning.
Taylor Swift, ‘Red’ – Album Review
Taylor Swift's new album, 'Red,' doesn't provide much to quiet the haters who will forever accuse her of being "too pop." It's inaccurate to say she leans that way on most of the 16 new songs. That tower in Pisa leans. Swift is in a pike position diving tow…

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