Shark Hatching From An Egg Is The Coolest Thing
I am obsessed with sharks. I love everything about them. All of them. I said once that if I ever die in a bad way I want it to be by a shark. How cool would the headlines be. HA! The way they handle themselves and the life they lead is pretty incredible.
Barbecue Recipes for Memorial Day Weekend 2017 [VIDEOS]
Memorial Day 2016 is for us to remember military men and women who have died to keep us free. Also, to remember our loved ones who have passed on. But it also marks the unofficial start of barbecue season, and many Americans will be firing up their grills this holiday weekend.
Daredevil Tyler Bradt Goes Over Palouse Falls In A Kayak [VIDEO]
Palouse Falls is a popular road trip for most of us from Yakima. We are in awe of how massive and beautiful the waterfall is at Palouse Falls, even a little intimidated by its majestic stature. But Kayak daredevil Tyler Bradt has a different view -- he wants to break the world record of kayakin…
Insane Inflatables 5 K Brings The Fun For Families [VIDEO]
It was a beautiful day for Insane Inflatables at the Benton County Fairgrounds In Kennewick, Washington. I grabbed some snap shots and some video and even had a chance to go the top of the start and announce a wave and ended up getting knocked over.
At the top of the inflatable, it was like being on …
That Mother’s Day Song That I’ll Always Remember [VIDEO]
My first radio station job was in the summer of '88 and I was working at a small FM country music station in my hometown of Clarkston, Washington. Radio Broadcasting was so different back in those days, it was before compact discs and computers,so we played music off vinyl records called 45's.
I reme…

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