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Petition to Rewrite the New Distracted Driving Law
Now that the new distracted driving law is in effect, many in Washington state say it's a bit much. They don't want us to call or text while we're driving -- that's fine. But taking away our ability to take a sip of coffee or snack on a couple of french fries on the way home from getting drive-thru?…
Washington State Ranked One of the Best for Road Trips
Going on a road trip? Looks like we're in one of the most perfect places for it!
Source: WalletHub
The only states greater than our for road trips, according to WalletHub, is Oregon and Utah.
I feel sorry for states like Mississippi, Rhode Island and Connecticut as those places are the worst...
New Traffic Law Could Cost You a $136 Ticket
Washington state has to have some of the stiffest traffic laws in the United States. Now the Washington State Patrol, and many motorists, are fed up with a certain pet peeve of driving that could get you a $136 ticket.

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