'Rie' parenting is a new trend among Hollywood parents. 'Rie' parenting is an acronym for Resources For Infant Educarers. It's basically treating babies like individuals.

Here are a few examples of what 'Rie' parents do not allow.

No bouncy seats - Putting your baby in the bouncer makes them zone out and your only sticking them in there because they are getting on your nerves.

No bottles or sippy cups - Just because your child is a baby doesn't mean they can't drink out of a regular cup. Quit trying to dumb things down.

No high chairs - Your baby is perfectly capable of sitting in a chair at the table. According to 'Rie' principles "If you set limits around mealtime ... it is possible for your kid to eat in a dignified way."

No baby talk - You should be having adult conversations with your baby at all times.

No toys - Because children don't need toys.

No rattles - They make noise.

No mobiles - Since the baby didn't choose it, it invades their sleep. It's a total annoyance.

No pacifiers - Your infant has a right to cry. Stop trying to prevent them from expressing themselves.

No rocking babies to sleep - By trying to soothe your baby you are interfering with their emotions.

No baby carriers or swaddlers - Your baby can get to point A to point B on their own.

No walkers - Because they are a moving prison.

Oh Please! How are you supposed to parent just let your baby lie there and cry? Not all of us have nannies that we can force to follow these rules.