Well this pretty much guarantees I'm not going swimming in any lakes, streams, creeks, ponds, or swimmin' holes this summer.

There's a rare fish in Papua New Guinea and other South Pacific countries called the pacu fish.  Its nickname is the "BALL CUTTER" because it attacks men by . . . wait for it . . . BITING OFF and EATING THEIR, UM,  MAN PARTS.

And a pacu fish just surfaced in a lake in southern Illinois.

Last month, a fisherman caught one in Lake Lou Yaeger in Litchfield, Illinois.  He thought it was a piranha but it didn't have sharp piranha teeth . . . it looked like it had HUMAN TEETH.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources examined it and determined it was a pacu fish.  They assume the fish was illegally dumped in the lake . . . and they believe it was the only one, so it's allegedly safe to swim there.

Supposedly, at least two fishermen in Papua New Guinea have died after the pacu ripped off their man parts . . . and they bled to death.