About a month ago I took a pair of headphones along with a picture of what I wanted them to look like to Cowgirl Bling in Zillah.

Jackie from Cowgirl Bling talked with me about what colors I wanted, the type of crystals, and the design.

Yesterday Jackie and Kershella from Cowgirl Bling brought my headphones to the radio station. I had not seen them, but had heard from other people who had that they looked awesome!

When I pulled them out of the bag .... I couldn't believe how beautiful they where!! They where better than I had imagined! All done by Jackie by hand with each individual crystal.

Cowgirl Bling can bling things to whatever your bling level is ... a little or a lot.

The girls are closing the store in Zillah on December 1st, but will still be out at events and on facebook selling and blinging! Check them out on Facebook at Cowgirl Bling 509.