Hi ... my name is Michele and I'm addicted to coffee. If you're like me, then you can't function without a cup of coffee to start your day. Oh ... and let's not forget that this busy mom of four needs it throughout the day.

My love of coffee started when I was 9 years old. I stayed the night with my grandparents a lot and my grandpa would drink a cup of coffee in the morning with a TON of cream and sugar. To this day I drink my coffee with cream and sugar. I like to think that Grandpa is in heaven drinking his coffee with me.

All this coffee talk has to do with a survey done by Dunkin Donuts and Career Builder. They surveyed 4,700 people to find out which profession drinks the most coffee.

Here are the heaviest users:

1. Scientists and lab technicians
2. Marketing and public relations professionals
3. Education administrators
4. Editors and writers
5. Health care administrators
6. Physicians
7. Food preparers
8. Professors
9. Social workers
10. Financial professionals
11. Personal caretakers
12. Human resources benefits coordinators
13. Nurses
14. Government professionals
15. Skilled tradesmen, including plumbers and carpenters

I was surprised that radio personalities did not make the list — or at least people in the entertainment business.