After two rough days of heartfelt stories about the kids at St. Jude’s, we made it through our 11th annual Radiothon with a few tears and a lot of money to give to the kids. A special thanks to our title sponsor Yakima Nation Legends Casino. We also want to thank everyone who became a Partner in Hope; in fact we love you so much that we gave away a pair of tickets to Ronnie Dunn every hour. If you became a Partner in Hope during our radiothon, look for your name below to see if you won a pair of tickets to Ronnie Dunn. Thank you Yakima Valley for your donations of $16,198

Ronnie Dunn Ticket Winners:

Donna Martinez, Linda Gore, Suzette Swynenburg, Mike Olson (Not the Car Dealer), Judy Miller, Stephanie Koszty, Randal Walker, Rebecca Lehnherr, Lydia Rios, Angelica Ruiz, Wilma Dosher, Erick Gress, Tammi Jo Peters, Melissa Heaverlo, Heather Clark, Cathy McQuerry, Mike McDowell, Melissa Ollis, Jeff Sykes, Kendra Lommers, Kristen Stonemetz, Kendra Johnson, Jacky Crawford, and Janice Catron. Congrats to all our winners! Join the Bull Country club for more chances to win tickets to Ronnie Dunn.