We read a story this morning about the "Macaroni and Cheese" diet where all you eat is Mac and Cheese all day every day and, eventually you'll lose weight because you'll get sick of it and start eating less of it.

Well have reading that story, it reminded me of a time back in the early 2000's when I went on an all Corn Flakes Diet, eating nothing but Cornflakes every meal of the day. I lost a lot of weight. I LOVE Cornflakes!  Just Cornflakes and Milk - no sugar. I'm going to try this diet again starting Monday. This time around, I'm going to make sure to document the weight loss and progress. Who know's, maybe I'll get an endorsement deal with Kellogg!  It worked for Jared and Subway... now Jared is worth $15 million. Let me dream, ok!?  LOL

I'll update here as progress is made.