Michele Mathews

Our family vacation in Disneyland was fun, but the best part was getting stuck on the Space Mountain ride.

I know what your thinking, "Getting stuck on a ride was fun?" Well ... yes.

Space Mountain is a roller coaster in the dark, so when our coaster car was stopped abruptly and the lights inside the ride came on it was awesome!

We had just started the ride when it happened and to restart the ride they have to get all the coaster cars back into the main station. Our car was the last one, so we got to sit there for a while. They have to go around and push start the coaster cars. Once they push started the coaster car then we got to ride the ride with the lights on. Luckily, once our coaster car hit the station they restarted the ride and we got to ride it the correct way. We never even had to get out of our car!

The kids thought it was totally awesome!