Your boyfriend FINALLY popped the big question and now your full of excitement plus, blinded by your sparkly new engagement ring. Your not thinking clearly due to your state of bliss and many newly engaged brides to be make these common mistakes.

Don't start inviting everyone to your wedding. You have no idea what your budget will be, so you have no clue how many people will be attending your big day and once you invite them you can't un-invite them.

Don't tell your bridal party that you'll pay for all of their expenses. You'll have a pretty upset bridesmaid once she learns you can not pay for her dress, shoes, hair, make-up and travel expenses after you told her you would pay for them.

Don't tell the parents they can help with whatever they want. Parents can be just as excited as you and can start inviting people from their work, church and friends that you have clue who they are?

Don't promise everything to your family. Don't assign all your family members the fun or "good tasks." His family will feel sad and left out.

Don't fall in love with the first dress. Give yourself the chance to experience the magical process of dress shopping. You can keep the first dress in mind, but continue the shopping process.