I was in Seattle over the weekend and stopped by Uwajimaya, which is an Asian specialty supermarket providing the widest variety of Asian groceries and gifts and freshest meat, seafood and produce. They certainly do that and more!

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I found a green tea kit kat. I wasn't sure what to think of when I first saw them, but as my Mother would say "Don't knock it until you try it." I bought a small bag and tried them out...I have to say they we pretty good. The main ingredient is Matcha. Wonder what that Matcha is, it's a fine ground, powdered, high quality green tea. Matcha is very good for you since it's high in antioxidants. Green Tea Kit Kats are also made with White Chocolate. Have you ever tried one? You would have to know what you are looking for because they do not sell them in the grocery store. They are very popular in Japan and they sell out anywhere they stock them in the US. Now...to finsh...Break me off a piece of that Green Tea Kit Kat bar!