Everyone is on Facebook. You, probably your parents, maybe even your great-grand parents. There are 750 million users on Facebook all interacting with each other, getting news and stories, pictures and videos and everything else you should with a social networking website. With those people also come great business from a national level to a local level. We all follow those businesses that interest us, but who should you follow? We have our list of local Facebook pages you should follow; maybe you should, too.

  • Yakima Valley Sundome

    One of our landmarks in Yakima and a great local business builder for out-of-town visitors is our Yakima Valley Sundome. The Sundome Facebook page doesn't just spam you with their event calendar, they also offer ways to save money on tickets, ticket pre-sale opportunities, details about the artists that are visiting there and will often times offer changes to win free tickets. It's worth your while to 'like' the Yakima Valley Sundome.

  • Central Washington State Fair

    Often times when you think of the Yakima Valley Sundome, you think the Central Washington State Fair. This page is in many ways the same as the Sundome page, but is it's own page that also features and showcases events at the Central Washington State Fair. You'll always find out who's playing at the fair first through their Facebook page. You'll also conveniently find all the information you need on how to get your elusive wristbands or what promotional days each day of the fair is through their official Facebook page.

  • The Capitol Theatre

    Our other primary venue for great acts, concerts, musicals and guest speakers is our legendary Capitol Theatre. In a building so historic they used to literally have vaudeville shows there. Capitol Theatre's Facebook page features all the main reasons you want to follow a business page. Details about shows, deals on tickets, contests to win free tickets to the shows. What's nice about the Capitol Theatre page is the posts and comments come across more like a human being, like a friend, not a robot which is important.


    Action News

    We love all of our local news affiliates, but when it comes to Facebook, nobody is more local in the news department than our friends at KIMA-TV. Keeping you in the know with a look around town and features everything you would want to know about from big news topics like shootings and city council to the smaller stories that may not make it to television like road construction and traffic accidents - and breaking news when it happens, too.

  • Yakama Nation Legends Casino

    I don't think there isn't anybody in the Yakima Valley that's known for giving away more cool stuff (92.9 The Bull, excluded) than the Yakama Nation Legends Casino. They are the premiere casino in our area that features big name acts, great food and non-stop winning of both cash and prizes. If you wanna get jealous, like them on Facebook. They feature recent cash winners often because they actually HAVE recent cash winners often. You'll also see when they'll be doing street team stops in Yakima so if you can't make it to Toppenish, they'll come out to you to give you prizes.