I love gas station food. I know, it's probably not good for me or my health, but I can't help myself. It's cheap, it fills me up and is great to grab on the go. Here are my favorite gas stations in town that have my favorite food.

Apple Bin

37th and Nob Hill
This place has your standard food items from burritos and corn dogs. They also make killer breakfast burritos from scratch that are worth checking out. The Breakfast burritos, which they still usually have one or two left at lunch, are huge and full of awesomeness. You'll probably only need one.

Hy's Market

12th and Lincoln
This place is legendary for their cheap food and always have a ton of it available. They seem to always have a sale on items and their jojos are phenomenal. Hy's is one of those places that everyone knows about but, in case you're new to town, you should swing by.


912 N 1st St, 1801 E Nob Hill, 1601 W Washington Ave and 3922 Fruitvale Blvd in Yakima and on Valley Mall Blvd in Union Gap
Stopping by AM/PM has become a family tradition before any road trip. I'll grab a jalapeno corn dog for myself every time. They also feature the ever-popular burgers and cheeseburgers that you can load up your own toppings. Their hot deli case also features things like breakfast burritos and bbq rib sandwiches.


1711 E Nob Hill Blvd, 810 E Yakima Ave, 1512 Summitview Ave and 3908 Terrace Heights Dr in Yakima
This place is all about the hot dogs of all sizes. They have a cheeseburger bite that's basically a cheeseburger in hot dog form. I'll always go for the polish sausage. The other benefit of going to 7-11 is you get to grab a Slurpee. I'm also a big fan of their nachos that you can load up as much chili and/or cheese. The trick is to make it all fit in the lid.

Flightline Convenient Store

near 28th and Washington
This place serves double-duty on food. Not only do they have a giant deli case that's usually full of everything you're looking for in gas station food, but they also have a teriyaki place in the back with really cheap prices. I feel no shame on making a trip here to get food to go as I would any take-out restaurant.

I know there's plenty more than that, but those are places I go to regularly. What about you? Where do you recommend?